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Warning! This game contains major spoilers for Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski by MrDrNose. Check out their game, first! Here's the link: https://mrdrnose.itch.io/v-s


For days, Kalinka tried to escape this hell which they call "a school". Her task is simple: Collect ten notebooks and you're free. Yet it always ends up the same way...

Kalinka lives with a curse. She can't die, and has to experience the same scenario over and over.

Now it's time for her revenge.


Full Version Demo 327 MB


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Welcome To Advanced Education With Viktor Hugo Strobovski Fit Of Rage


I was requested to play fit of rage by the author, me being an indie game enthusiast I couldnt turn down the offer. I am really enjoying the game so far.


Thank you again for playing it 👀