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This is a fanmade mod of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning by mystman12/Micah McGonigal. I used characters and sound effects from Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski by mrdrnose.


Viktor Strobovski took over Baldi's schoolhouse. And he brought some of his friends! Since this is an elementary school, Viktor decided to give his students easy examples. I mean, they are really easy. So you can do that, right? What could possibly go wrong? It's not like he'll chop off your head if you do something wrong. Anyway, you know the drill: Collect 7 notebooks and don't make mistakes. Viktor doesn't like mistakes.


Check out Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski! It's a very cool and challenging game. Here's the link: https://mrdrnose.itch.io/v-s

Don't forget to check out my other games as well! Thank you.


32bit version 63 MB
64bit version 107 MB

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